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You have a beautiful country.....Kenya

Hello, hello, hello :) Since returning to Saskatoon, it's been a whirlwind for many reasons and just now taking a couple minutes to say thank you. Thank you for your's beautiful. The people are beautiful, the country is beautiful, the simplicity is beyond beautiful and I absolutely love it. I feel like home when I'm in the village. My [...] Read more

KENSASK’s 2014 Mashujaa Day a Success

KENSASK’s second annual Mashujaa Day celebration held last weekend was a resounding success. Mashujaa is Swahili for Hero. Kenyans across the world celebrate Mashujaa Day – a public holiday in Kenya – on October 20 to remember those who have contributed to making Kenya a great nation that it is today. The well attended celebrations were held on [...] Read more

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